AIGA and competitor fund raising

An estimate cost to attend Orkney is £1,500 per person: to include travel, accommodation and expenses. AIGA will seek financial support from sponsors, however it must be recognised those who provided generous sponsorship for Guernsey23 are less likely to be marketing their services in Orkney, as such their continued support is to be determined.

AIGA and affiliate members will, of course, seek new sponsors. By necessity, responsibility to finance is with Alderney sporting clubs and their competitors. It is hoped, without guarantee, AIGA will provide an affordable grant, the amount depends on a combination of factors: the number of persons participating and general funds available for distribution.

At this time, and with possibly 40 competitors, our ambition is to contribute from the general fund c.£500 per person. For guidance purposes please read the criteria in the attached document that gives guidance on individual, affiliate, and sponsorship funds; and, equal distribution to participants. You are encouraged to plan fund raising without delay; please keep AIGA informed so we may coordinate, where possible, fund raising activities.

Please click here to read more about AIGA’s funding arrangements.